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Board of Trustees

(Standing: Left to Right, Back to Front)

Mr. Rudolph Woolford, Mr. Herman Fair Sr., Mr. Jerome Williams, Mr. John Coulter, Reverend Bradshaw, Ms. Palmer Hunter, Mr. Mike Abney, Mr. Fredrick Everett, Mrs. Nita Williams, Ms. Twylah Hardison, Melvin Davis

The basic purpose for the Church Board of Trustees is "to provide a place of worship and take charge of and protect the church property with all of its appurtenant (anything that appertains to the church; apparatus, equipment, accessories, etc) in trust for the membership, and to make such improvements that may be necessary from time to time for the interest of the society of which they are trustees; and to see that order and decorum are at all times observed in the church" The board of Trustees shall have no less than 3 and no more than 15 members., see (Book of Discipline for the AME Zion, 2000, pp 182). Trustees are nominated by the pastor, elected to office by the membership and must be confirmed by the Quarterly Conference.

Church Clerk and Administrative Assistants

(Standing: Left to Right)

Mrs. Debbie Davis
Ms. Karen Davis

(Seated: Left to Right )

Mrs. Nita Williams
Ms. Alice Sutton - Secretary

Mrs. Beulah Fair

The church clerk and the administrative assistants assist in drafting correspondence, preparing programs for services, making announcements, and other administrative duties as needed.

Church Clerk and Administrative Assistants
Boards of Stewards

Boards of Stewards

(Back Row: Left to Right)

Mr. Lauan Jenkins, Mr. David Carter, Mr. George Jordan, Ms. Cheryl Sutton (Not pictured - Mrs Beulah Fair)

(Front Row: Left to Right)

Mr. Glenn Darden, Mr. Josephus Davis (President), Ms. Karen Davis

The duties of Stewards are: “to take an exact account of all the money, or other contributions for the support of the Pastor in Charge, and to apply the same as the Discipline directs; to make provisions for the moving expenses of the Pastor and to provide a parsonage for himself/herself and family to make monthly reports to the Pastor of his/her collections; to seek to relieve the need and distressed members.” For more information see AME Zion Book of Discipline.

The Deaconess Board

(Back Row: Left to Right)

Mrs. Buelah Fair, Mrs Ester Everett, Ms. Karen Davis, Mrs. Jackie Hardison

(Front Row: Left to Right)

Mrs. Janice Davis, Mrs. Jean Davis, Mrs. Ella Williams, Mrs. Ida Davis

(Not pictured - Mrs. Nora Fonville)

The Deaconesses are consecrated to serve in their office and are primarily the individuals to prepare the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion Services. They are also charged with assisting the Pastor in preparing and administering the Lord’s Supper to sick and shut-in members.


Hardison Music Factory

(Seated: Left to Right)

Miss Alisson Sutton (Songbird and Pianist)

Mr. Vincent DiNapoli (Bass Guitar)

Mr. Nickolas Hardison (Drums)
Judge Paul Hardison (Leader, Pianist, Singer)

Mr. Walter Hardison

Musicians and choir are charged with the responsibility of ministering the gospel in song. Hurting people seeking solace and refuge from the pains of life can often find relief in the anointed Christ-centered singing of the choir and the playing of the gospel.

Boards of Stewardess

Church Clerk and Administrative Assistants
Serving Musicians and Choirs

Class Leaders

Christian Education

Church Clerk and Administrative Assistants
Church Clerk and Administrative Assistants


(Standing: Left to Right)


(Seated: Left to Right)


A basic purpose of the Church usher is to "pleasantly" serve in helping to maintain order before, during and after church service. These should also be ready and serve worshippers in any way that may be appropriate. The church usher should be persons with warm and friendly personalities in that an usher may be the first impression for visitors and or potential members.